Welcome! You've managed to find you're way into my blog. I like it. It's nice. Anyway. I'm from Los Angeles C.A. but study in school in the Pacific Northwest. I don't quite know who the hell I am yet but I'm working on it. Have fun on here!

Day 58 
Current weight 198.2 lbs.
Week 4 of insanity

Im genuinely happy with how far I’ve come. I didn’t post last week because I had a really awesome reward day and went to the OC fair and ate ALL the bad food. It was amazing. I’m still on my 1800 calorie diet but I’m loving the food I eat in the meantime.
My fitness levels overall are increasing, I’m able to do hikes that are harder than the ones that pushed me before starting this. My fit test scores are improved from my first day and I feel great.
Month 2 of insanity is supposed to be toning but I can already see outlines of the swimmer’s v appearing when I flex. I really love walking around my house shirtless and seeing all of my effort. Until next time!

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